May 10


Phasics offers metrology and imaging solutions to laser engineers, lens manufacturers and microscopists. With a range covering UV to far infrared, Phasics’ high resolution wavefront sensing solutions – based on the patented Quadriwave Lateral Shearing Interferometry technology – combine high accuracy, best-in-class dynamic range and ease of use. A modular product range including wavefront sensors, automated instruments, expert software and accessories provides insightful analysis for R&D and manufacturing in 3 major domains:

  • LASER: Laser beam testing and correction, adaptive optics with any deformable mirror;
  • OPTICS: Lens testing (MTF, aberrations, comparison to design) for production quality control, lens benchmark before integration and R&D;
  • MICROSCOPY: Quantitative Phase Imaging, label-free cell imaging, refractive index mapping.