Jun 08

Despite the Pandemic, Frothy Public Markets and New Normals Refuel Photonics M&A and IPO Markets in 2020

The Photonics M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) market stalled in Q2 2020, because of pandemic uncertainty. However, frothy public markets, access to low interest debt and fears of increasing US capital gains tax appear to be refueling a quick recovery as of year-end 2020. Technology companies who address the new normals not only survive, but continue to grow at an expected faster pace. Further, private equity leveraged buy outs and venture capital backed emerging technology IPO’s (Initial Public Offerings) surge in 2020. While shy of 2019, the value and volume of M&A transactions for pure-play photonics companies and companies with core photonics technology are on pace by year-end 2020.

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